Being able to clearly see the benefits of Home Ownership requires 20/20 vision.

It’s time to clear out the lenses and put a stop to the blindness. It’s time we open our eyes wide and face reality without darkness. Having 20/20 vision as it relates to Home Ownership is going to be pivotal to reach your dreams of owning a home in 2020.

What is about Home Ownership that frightens you the most? Is it fear of the unknown due to lack of knowledge? Credit embarrassment? Fear that you don’t earn enough money? Fear that your student loans and credit card debt is too high? Fear of not qualifying for a mortgage? fear of not having enough money for a down payment or fear of a large commitment?

The first step in fighting FEAR is to have FAITH…

… and believe that you deserve a piece of the American Pie which is Home Ownership. You may be the first person in your family to reach this goal just like many of you may be first generation college graduates. Your parents may not have passed a home to you or maybe you didn’t grow up in a home to call yours so you have become accustomed to renting because it’s comfortable and familiar. It’s time to break those generational curses and train your mind to believe that if you can dream of owning a home then you can make it a reality. It’s time to stop making excuses and make buying a home a top priority coming into this new decade. Buying a home requires discipline and sacrifices just like anything else worth achieving. You have to be willing to live uncomfortable temporarily to reach this goal. If you don’t have enough money saved, maybe it’s time to review your finances and look for ways to cut back and budget. If you made terrible credit decisions in your past, it’s time to meet with a credit specialist to see how they can help you improve your score. If you have too much debt, consider debt consolidation or utilize the snowball effect to pay off some of your credit cards. Be sure to celebrate small victories along the way as this will motivate you to keep going to reach your goal.

Buying a home provides one of the greatest satisfaction that you can achieve…

…You are investing in your happiness and a place to call your own.  A home provides a sense of security and allows you to build a future and grow a family. You become a part of a community . You can design and customize your home to your liking and you have complete privacy. Purchasing a home is also one of the best investments you can make. Did you know with each mortgage payment you are building equity in your home? You can use the equity in your home to either start a new business, save for your child’s education, take a vacation or even remodel your home to increase your home value. Unlike cars that depreciate, homes appreciate over time meaning your home will likely be worth more when you sell it then when you purchased it. Purchasing a home also provides great tax benefits. You can write off the interest on your mortgage. There are many benefits of owning a home that you can take advantage of.

Remove any fears and false stigmas that you have about being a homeowner and begin taking the steps necessary to be a First Time Home Buyer. I hope now that you are able to clearly see the benefits of owning a home.