Choosing between a New Construction and a Pre-Owned home can be a very tough decision. It really all depends on preferences. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each.

There is no better feeling than being the FIRST OWNER to a BRAND NEW HOME

Every memory you create will be the first time. You can customize your new home, new homes have lower maintenance, modern conveniences and energy efficiencies that doesn’t usually come with pre-owned homes. 

The first step in buying your new home is of course working with a REALTOR® who has experience in new home sales and SELECTING the right builder

There are several home builders that cater to different buyer needs, price ranges and style.  I have experience working with several builders and you want to make sure the builder is reputable, has a good structural warranty and practices quality workmanship.

One of the major benefits of building a home are the buyer incentives

Builders offer assistance  with closing cost that can range from $4000-$10,000 depending on the builder and the promotions they are offering at that time. In addition to the closing cost, builders will offer money you can use to upgrade your home from their design center. This can range from $10,000 to sometimes $20,000 depending on the builder. Some builders  will also toss in major free appliances like washer/dryer and a refrigerator. 

Another major benefit is the smart home technology and the built in energy efficiencies offered in newer homes. These smart technologies can save money on your utility cost and there is no better feeling than to be able to operate your security system, utilities and appliances all from your smart phone at no additional cost to you. Buying a new home is the FUTURE of home ownership. 

New homes are also built in new communities and the benefit of building a new home in a new community are the Community Amenities. These communities offer community pools, recreational centers, hiking/biking trails, athletic fields, cafes and so much more. There is no better feeling than to have everything you desire just outside of your home.  A lot of these new amenities are not offered in older communities. 

The cons of buying a new home is usually new homes are located in less developed areas. Depending on location and how recent the community was built, you may not have access to big restaurants, retail shops and entertainment facilities since the area is new and has not fully developed. That’s ok, it just takes time for a community to grow and mature. The benefit of this is you will be able to grow with your community. You will recognize the new restaurants and can be the first the check them out. As more homes are built and as the community grow with more people,  you will notice more new businesses and soon your community will be like any other big community and you would be the first to experience it all.  Keep in mind it all starts first with the land, then the home and then businesses, restaurants and retail come once the community is fully developed and you get to be apart of all this. There is also no better feeling than getting to know the first neighbors on the block.  

Pre owned homes has it benefits also. They are in well developed and established communities surrounded by retail shops, entertainment centers and restaurants. They are also in more desired locations which helps with work commute. One of the major cons of buying a resale home is it will not come with a home warranty. You can later purchase a home warranty but it’s not included in the sale of buying a resale home. You may have to replace the roof, HVAC or other costly items and  you may inherit other problematic things that you may not notice soon as you move in.

this is why a home inspection is vital if you are buying a resale home. You may also have to settle for a less desirable floor plan and make changes and upgrades to a resale home which can also be costly. With a new home, it’s move in ready and already have the simple modern upgrades that you will appreciate. 

Take your time when weighing out the pros and cons of buying a new home or resale home. You will know when you have found your dream home whether it’s pre-owned on resale. I am here to help guide you through making your decision. Use the contact button and let’s talk more about your home options.