Here’s our journey:
Our initial thoughts of moving started in 2017 when the rent in our 1 bedroom 712 sqft. apartment was going to increase by $150 at the next lease renewal.
We started looking for apartments in areas that weren’t as nice thinking the rent was a reasonable price. Little did we know, the rent was significantly higher. We were shocked and became discouraged in our search. We started thinking outside the box and began to research apartment prices outside our county. We quickly realized we weren’t willing to commute that far from work or sit in hours of traffic for cheaper rent. Finally, we came to the decision that we should look out of state. We decided on Texas and we have been so blessed and happy ever since.
We touched down  in DFW August of 2018 and signed a lease for a very small, 490 sqft. apartment in Frisco. My goal was always to buy a house so we sacrificed and started off smaller than we were used to so that we could save for a home. Just two short months later we attended Shelia’s “The Real Home Buyers Seminar.
We left feeling confident in the home buying process and ready to get started. We knew we wanted to work with Shelia so the next step was to find a lender. Shelia had all the connections and hooked us up with a great lender who walked us though the entire process. They literally answered every one of our questions. This process took the longest for us. We took our time and asked all the questions. We wanted to make sure we were making the best decision for us. We even took a break in between this process to make sure everything was in order before we took that leap of faith. Eventually, by May of 2019 we signed a contract with Shelia making her our official Realtor. June of the same year we had our home. A brand new 4 bedroom home in a growing area.
Let me just say for all those who are fearful to take that leap of faith…do it! Plan for it, but do it!
Ask all the questions no matter how silly you think they sound. This is one of the biggest and best decisions you will ever make. Homeownership is so rewarding. For us, it was having somewhere our family could come visit and chill, instead of booking a hotel. We have dreams of starting a family and now we have the room to expand.
God is good and he has guided our steps the entire way from us finding Shelia on Instagram years before moving to Texas, to finding out about and attending Shelia’s home buying seminar, all the way to providing this beautiful home with 0 down payment, closing costs paid and amazing, unbelievable incentives from the builder.
Shelia is the truth and has a passion for first time home buyers. She is who you want on your side guiding you and fighting/negotiating on your behalf.
Thank you Shelia for all that you do!
Shunda and Piaget Glaspie